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New book on Winchester’s Bloody History launched

A new and exciting look at Winchester’s long and turbulent history has been published by The History Press. “Bloody British History: Winchester” leads the reader on a disturbing journey through the city’s past; two thousand years of Winchester’s worst events, from hangings, burnings, kings and tyrants, to wars, disease and much more! The emphasis is on people and not buildings.

It is written by Winchester city tourist guides, Don Bryan, Geraldine Buchanan, Clare Dixon and James King. Winchester's tourist guides have been welcoming and guiding visitors around the city and district, giving talks and running local history courses for over 35 years but this is the first time that a book has been published under their auspices.

Did you know:

  • King Henry III was ashamed of the city of his birth
  • In 1348, over half of Winchester’s population died of Bubonic plague.
  • A mayor led rioters against a cathedral burial party The “Peasant’s Revolt" took in place in Winchester as well as elsewhere.
  • In the nineteenth century, sewage from cesspits flowed into Winchester’s many streams and seeped into wells, cellars and under floorboards of lower lying properties.

Order your copy of "Bloody British History: Winchester" which is now available in local bookshops and on-line priced at only £9.99.

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